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Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind Bangle Jewelry in Florida

Bombay Bangles offers a collection of stunning handmade bangle jewelry in Florida that have each been finely hand crafted in India. During the design and creation process, we use very little machinery to ensure that each piece of jewelry can stand up to our high standards of excellence.

With one-of-a-kind designs and unique colors and styles to choose from, we are confident that we can provide you with statement jewelry and handbags that no one else will be wearing. Our exceptional jewelry can serve as more than just the perfect accessory to any outfit; it can actually serve as a beautiful work of art as well. Our highly skilled East Indian artists use only the highest quality materials available to create our authentic Bombay bangles.

Our Accessories

We offer a full selection of beautiful accessories to fit your unique needs and preferences, including:

  • ♦ Dazzling Bangles
  • ♦ Leather Belts
  • ♦ Hand Beaded Evening Handbags
  • ♦ Steel, Canvas, Leather, and Faux Bags
  • ♦ Earrings
  • ♦ Luxurious Soaps
  • ♦ Skirts
  • ♦ Shirts
  • ♦ Home Accessories


Private Shopping Experience

Shop our Boutique Located at 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. Unit 177 Naples, FL 34109, Across Coastland Center Mall Inside “Naples Plaza” near Publix. We can provide you with a unique shopping experience that will allow you and your friends to see the delicately created mini works of art in person so that you can determine what will best fit your unique tastes and preferences.

Check back often for our most recently updated selection of products as we are constantly drawing new designs and experimenting with new colors. To find out more about our affordable handmade bangle jewelry in Florida, give us a call at 239-734-1029 and we will be happy to help.

About the Found of Bombay Bangles

Pamela Prasad Puccia the founder, creator and designer of Bombay bangles had a childhood dream of someday doing business with  her native country of origin-India. She has traveled numerous times on extended vacations with her Parents since she was a child,  of her dreams was to open up a company creating treasures of India whether it was jewelry, clothing  art & crafts accessories . In 2009 that that dream  came true with the creation of Bombay Bangles. The east Indian culture , architecture, Food and lifestyle was always so vibrant and full of life in her eyes she wanted to share that with her western lifestyle and friends at home. Pamela created this company with one thing In mind…Every woman from every socio economic level should be able to buy and wear beautiful, one of a kind   , hand made jewelry. All of authenticity of a Bombay bangle has been kept intact in that they are designed, created by  highly skilled and trained  East Indian artists   –Pamela and her design partner Saptarshi Mitra who is stationed in India and their twenty artisans Are constantly drawing new designs and experimenting with rare colors.

What is a Bombay Bangle

A Bombay Bangle is made in India, these bangles are not  mass produced thus every bangle is one of a kind. Each stone is delicately placed in a every Bombay bangle. Our company uses a material called “lakh” which is a clay ceramic pottery mixture which is created by soil and earthen material excavated from the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains native to India. This lak material is pored into already made molds and as soon as this is poured the artisan goes to work strategically placing all of the ornaments onto the bangle. The glitter used on these bangles are not retail level but are a high grade which could not be re created . The glitter is literally put into the paint to also can not be done with regular craft materials. There are no glues or plastics in a Bombay bangle, the glass used in some designs are all hand blown. Bombay Bangles frames are made from a variety of hard metals such as brass, Bronze, Stainless steel, Tin each bangle created is a mini work of art that you can were.

How to Purchase a Bombay Bangle

Because Bombay Bangles are not mass produced , to create even a small quantity it takes time and therefore these delicately created pieces of art are only available at a handful of upscale unique Ladies boutiques. Simply Natural,Kari’s Kreations & Naples Philharmonics museum store, Naples Florida. Coles Of Nassau paradise island, Bahamas. Chandeliers, & 2 Chic boutique Rochester, NY and Imagine Boutique in Skanaeteles, NY.All above stores are an exclusive carrier of Bombay Bangles.

Shop our Boutique Located at 2001 9th St North Naples Florida 34102, Across Coastland Center Mall Inside “Naples Plaza” near Publix. We provide a shopping experience where you and your friends will be able to shop in a stress free atmosphere. Every hostess who brings four or more friends will receive 20% in shopping credit for bangles.  Wine & cheese always served.

Wearing recommendation

These bangles are all original and hand made in India. No two bangles are alike, even though they may seem so. We recommend to  wear these bangles with Minimum roughness, as some are partial glass. The stones are delicately placed in these beautiful pieces of art, and heavy use could knock them loose.

Do not shower or swim while wearing you Bombay bangle as the vibrant colors fused into them may fade and could deteriorate the strength of your one of a kind Bangle.
Enjoy and wear them with confidence, As the East Indian Culture says—and no two are alike, As our Bombay bangles.


2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. Unit 177
Naples, Florida 34109

This company is dedicated to the one and only –my Beloved mother Sarswati Prasad, whom I lost on June 11th 2010. She was my inspiration, my force and my biggest believer of me. She was the epitome of a parent. Thank you Mom-for life.