About Us

Welcome to Bombay Jewelry Company

We started working in Jewelry business in India. I used to visit the family store every summer running errands.  In 1985, my parents started Bombay Jewelry Company.  When I joined the business, I became the ninth generation to work in the Jewelry industry.  In 35 years of retail business I have worked with cliental from all parts of the world. We are rooted in San Francisco Bay Area and serve the greater San Francisco bay Area. Our ornaments are hand crafted by highly skilled and experience craftsman.

Introduction of what we sell is the primary purpose of this website. 


Please take a few moments to browse through our web site and see a sampling of available items. Please visit our showroom for price, availability and to purchase. All Jewelry pricing is done at Showroom with some online sales.

“Jewelry is Art, creativity, adornment, investment that you must look at, admire, touch, try on and wear.  We hope, we can guide you in procure it and maintain it.”

What Our Customers Says ?

Needed high quality nose rings and all the piercing shops in Berkeley were so over priced for low quality gold. A friend recommended this place, so I made a call and trekked on down to Bombay. The lady at the counter was able to help me pick out 2 gold nose pieces. 1 gold hoop and a gold leaf. The lady gave me a discount, so I ended up paying only $110 for both. They carried all types of nose rings, with gems, diamond cuts, all different sizes. I need to come back here and buy earrings and bangles, everything looked so nice!!

For hands-on customers with a very specific design vision and story for their special piece. I HIGHLY recommend Bombay Jewelry Company. Maulin and his wife have always provided me the best customer experience since 2014. Bombay Jewelry Company truly excels in understanding the complexities of custom jewelry design and fabrication.

Awesome jewelry store, what a resource in the Bay Area. They made special creation for special gift I needed to have made. Owner really understands how customer needs.

Awesome service, excellent selection! This is the best Indian jewelry store in the Bay Area. The collection is larger than most of the shops without any pretenses. They also complete repair work quickly and at a minimum rate.
Our family has been served by this family owned business for more than 20 years. Thank you for all that you do for your customers

Love the store
I used go to this store for years they have the best quality . There customer service is awesome.